Mailing Address in Costa Rica

Dedicated Local Phone Number

Receive Calls and Snail Mail in 30 Minutes!

(Full Corporate Identity starting at $20/month)

# # # Update September 2014: 1308 businesses serviced since 2006 (and counting!) # # #

Local Phone NumberTopOffice Call Forwarding

Do you have business interests in Costa Rica
but live abroad?
TopOffice provides you with a local phone number and
redirects all incoming calls
to any phone number worldwide at VOIP costs.

Full Physical Address

Receive your Costa Rica related business or personal mail (Snail Mail or Courier)
at a top business locationin San Jose. We forward it to any address you provide.
Your Business Card for Costa Rica may look like this:

Mailing Address Costa Rica

Local Phone Number Costa Rica: 1 month(includes 60 minutes of call forwarding to local numbers worldwide)$20 / month
Local Phone Number Costa Rica: 12 months(includes 60 minutes of call forwarding to local numbers worldwide)$200 - 12 months (2 months FREE!)
Mailing Address Costa Rica: 12 months(Additional fees apply for mail forwarding)$400 - 12 months
Get both for only $499 per year!Local Phone Number & Mailing Address Costa Rica$499 - 12 months ($101 Savings!)

With TopOffice you have 2 options to handle your incoming calls:

  1. Redirect any call immediately to a phone number of your choice – worldwide. The caller will have no idea that his call is being redirected.
  2. Play your customized greeting (just send us a MP3 file – or we can also record your text for you) – offering the caller to leave a voice mail. You will receive all voice messages as email attachment within minutes after the caller has hung up.

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Conceal your personal Phone Number and Location

It has become quite risky these days to give out your phone number or address to people you don’t know. You will have to do that in many cases. Providing your phone number and (email) address is a normal requirement – be it during any online reservation, check-in at hotel, renting a car, or just subscribing to a newspaper. No-Call-List or not: You end up being harassed by telemarketers, debt collectors and other low-lifes!

With your anonymous virtual phone number and residence from TopOffice you are on the safe side. You can give it out here and there without fearing being spammed or harassed later on. Your caller will know only the virtual phone number while your phone will ring through to your real line.